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China cancels the relevant regulations of plastic water pipe for direct drinking water, and the era

Date: 2018-03-26
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National industry standard


Truth 1

Announcement of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people's Republic of China on the release of the industry standard technical specification for direct drinking water system of building and community pipelines: the technical specification for direct drinking water system of building and community pipelines is approved as the industry standard, with the number of CJJ / T 110-2017, and it will be implemented from November 1, 2017. The original industry standard CJJ / T 110-2006, technical specification for direct drinking water system, shall be abolished at the same time.




Truth 2

The main technical contents of this specification are: 1. Increase the maximum daily direct drinking water quota of several types of buildings, such as hospitals and stadiums; 2. Revise the length of non circulating branch pipes to be no more than 6m based on the actual engineering needs, on the premise of ensuring the water quality; 3. Cancel the relevant provisions of plastic pipes; 4. Increase the relevant provisions of the water quality online monitoring system. The regulations also stipulate that stainless steel pipes, copper pipes and other high-quality pipes that meet the requirements of food grade shall be used.





Tap water is closely related to people's daily life, it is related to people's health, so the health and safety of tap water is particularly important. However, the sanitation of tap water is not only closely related to the source of water, but also directly related to the pipes that deliver tap water. The water network is a closed network connected with each other. As long as there is a problem in one section, it may affect the water quality in one area.

How about the quality of water pipes in the market to ensure the water safety of thousands of households? In recent years, plastic water pipes occupy nearly 50% of the market share. Due to the low threshold to enter the market and fierce market competition, some manufacturers use a large number of added wastes and recycled materials to seek benefits and reduce production costs, which greatly reduces product performance and life. As a substitute of plastic water pipe in the new era, stainless steel water pipe came into being.


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