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How many large projects did you win in the air compressor company?

Date: 2018-03-26
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2017 is an important year for the construction industry to continue to deepen reform. In this year, what major projects did CSCEC, CREC and CRCC obtain? Will these large projects have a positive market promotion effect on compressor enterprises?

Through sorting out and analyzing the major project announcements issued by the listed companies, the author hopes to inspire the operation strategy, regional development strategy and subcontract projects of compressor enterprises.


New contracts signed by Chinese construction enterprises increased by 20% year on year

In 2017, the main indicators of operation and production of China's construction enterprises hit a new historical high, with the newly signed contract amount increasing nearly 20% year-on-year and more than two trillion yuan for two consecutive years.

By summarizing the major project bid winning situation disclosed by CSCEC in 2017, we found that it mainly has the following characteristics:

First, the amount of a single project is large.

135 major projects have been disclosed, with a total project amount of 574.3 billion yuan and an average project amount of 4.3 billion yuan. Among them, 6 of the 10 billion projects disclosed, 'Indonesia megastar satellite new town project' ranked first with a project amount of 69.4 billion yuan, with a total construction area of 23 million square meters, committed to building Indonesia's future development power pole.

Second, actively innovate the project operation mode.

Of the 135 major projects, 65 are PPP and EPC projects, with a total project amount of 271.2 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 50% of all major projects. For example, in the 'Xi'an happiness forest belt project', we will integrate many resources, such as subway, landscape architecture, sponge City, pipe gallery, etc., and adopt PPP + EPC innovation mode.

The third is the outstanding performance of the subordinate Engineering Bureau.

Fourth, infrastructure business development has been fruitful.

From the perspective of project types, there are 65 large infrastructure projects with a total amount of 276.3 billion yuan, which are equally divided with large housing construction projects. In addition to the traditional airport, highway and rail transit projects, it has also gradually expanded to the field of water affairs and environmental protection, winning a number of comprehensive pipe gallery, water area management and characteristic town projects.

Such as 'PPP project of underground comprehensive pipe gallery of Daye lake ecological core area in Huangshi, Hubei', 'comprehensive treatment project of Yitong River in Changchun, Jilin - middle section project of Yitong River Basin', 'project of Kangyang town with characteristic culture of origin of traditional Chinese medicine in Anren, Hunan', etc.


China Railway 2017 project totals 253.2 billion

In 2017, China Railway disclosed 162 major projects with a total amount of 253.2 billion. Among them:

From the perspective of project type:

There are 47 major domestic railway projects with a total amount of 115.8 billion yuan, accounting for 46%; 31 highway projects with a total amount of 26.6 billion yuan; 58 municipal and other projects with a total amount of 62.6 billion yuan; 26 overseas projects with a total amount of 48.2 billion yuan.

Major domestic projects are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Henan, Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and other central and eastern provinces, while major overseas projects are mainly distributed in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Angola and other Southeast Asian and African regions.


Total amount of 27 major projects of CRCC is 307.8 billion

In 2017, CRCC disclosed that 27 major projects won the bid, with a total project amount of 307.8 billion.

From the perspective of project type:

The business structure of CRCC is similar to that of China Railway, mainly including railway engineering, highway engineering and municipal projects. Unlike China Railway, CRCC's highway engineering and municipal projects account for more than 80% of the total.

On the whole, in 2017, China Railway Construction maintained a prosperous development trend in the domestic infrastructure construction market, especially in the road sector.

From the perspective of project mode:

There are 15 projects built by PPP, BOT and other investment and financing modes, with a total amount of 191.5 billion, accounting for 62%.

From the perspective of bid winning strategy:

Consortium bidding is the main way for CRCC to obtain large projects. Of the 27 large projects, 16 were awarded by the consortium.

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