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More energy-saving than rare earth permanent magnet motor "black technology" motor appeared!

Date: 2019-11-11
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Rare earth has the name of 'industrial gold'. It can form new materials with different properties and varieties with other materials, which can greatly improve the quality and performance of other products.

With the decline of the proportion of China's rare earth reserves in the world's total reserves, rare earth has become a national strategic reserve resource; rare earth will cause environmental damage in the process of mining, deep processing and so on

When this 'national level' subject is placed in front of the society, most enterprises are still 'on the sidelines', and Gree chooses to use 'black technology' to shoulder the 'important task'.

Open a fire in the electrical age

In 1822, Faraday proved that electricity can be transformed into rotational motion;

Under the continuous practice of this theory, the first DC generator and motor came out in human history;

Siemens uses it to drive vehicles, and then makes world trams;

Edison also tested this kind of motor, which greatly released the power of the tram

Nowadays, the motor has become one of the indispensable components in the mechanical equipment. However, the traditional motor manufacturing is inseparable from rare earth. In the motor manufacturing industry, energy conservation and emission reduction are urgent.

More energy-saving than rare earth permanent magnet motor

'With the change of environment, we begin to realize that the responsibility of an enterprise is not only to master the core technology, but also to combine the products, the environment, and the needs of human survival, so that the products produced in this way are truly valuable.' ——Dong Mingzhu

As a result, Gree Kebang synchronous reluctance motor, which does not need to use permanent magnet, does not rely on rare earth elements, saves manufacturing cost, avoids environmental pollution caused by rare earth mineral development and fundamentally responds to the call of national energy conservation and emission reduction, came into being.

'Stand out' synchronous reluctance motor

Synchronous reluctance motor has the property of magnetoresistance. It follows the principle that the flux always closes along the minimum path of magnetoresistance. It forms torque through the magnetic pull caused by the change of magnetoresistance caused by the rotor at different positions. It stands out in many motor categories with its advantages of high performance, low cost and energy saving.

More energy-saving than rare earth permanent magnet motor

Synchronous reluctance motor vs traditional DC motor: no brush and ring, simple and reliable, easy to maintain;

Synchronous reluctance motor vs traditional AC asynchronous motor: if there is no winding on the rotor, there is no rotor copper consumption, which improves the efficiency of the motor;

Synchronous reluctance motor vs switched reluctance motor: the rotor surface is smooth and the variation of reluctance is continuous, which avoids the problems of torque ripple and noise when the SRM is running; meanwhile, the stator is a sine wave magnetic field, which has simple control and mature hardware platform, thus reducing the cost of the drive control system;

Permanent magnet synchronous motor: there is no permanent magnet on the rotor, so the cost is lower. It solves the problem of no demagnetization and loss of field. It can be used for a long time, with more stable efficiency. It can completely replace permanent magnet synchronous motor when the volume and weight are not strictly required.

Take social responsibility with 'black technology'

Through independent research and development, Gree took the lead in mastering the core technology of synchronous reluctance motor in China, and adopted special materials, multiple optimized motor control strategies, core manufacturing, motor assembly and other manufacturing processes, and finally explored more possibilities.

1. Energy conservation and environmental protection

The synchronous reluctance motor can operate stably in the extreme high temperature without the problem of high temperature demagnetization, because it does not need to use permanent magnet, so it does not rely on rare earth elements, saves the manufacturing cost, avoids the environmental pollution caused by the development of rare earth mineral resources, and fundamentally responds to the call of national energy conservation and emission reduction. In addition, the rotor of synchronous reluctance motor does not need cast aluminum, which greatly reduces the energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

More energy-saving than rare earth permanent magnet motor

2. Efficient operation

Compared with the asynchronous motor, the efficiency of the synchronous reluctance motor is higher, which can achieve the energy efficiency of IE4 or above. From 25% to 120% of the load range, it belongs to the high efficiency area. If the asynchronous motor or YVF motor is replaced with the same power, the system energy efficiency can be greatly improved, and the comprehensive energy saving effect can reach more than 30%.

More energy-saving than rare earth permanent magnet motor

3. Quick response

Because there is no squirrel cage guide bar and magnetic steel on the rotor, and there is a large area of magnetic barrier slot on the rotor punching plate, the rotor of synchronous reluctance motor has a small moment of inertia. Under the same specification, the moment of inertia of the synchronous reluctance motor is only about 30% of that of the asynchronous motor. For occasions with high requirements for acceleration response ability, such as extruder, the requirements for motor overload multiple can be significantly reduced, the specification of converter current module can be reduced, the user cost can be saved, and the production efficiency can be accelerated at the same time.

4. Good universality

The synchronous reluctance motor uses IEC standard casing (cast aluminum or cast iron casing can be used according to the user's demand), and the installation dimension shall refer to IEC standard frame. For the high-power density synchronous reluctance motor, because the frame number is 1-2 smaller than the standard three-phase asynchronous motor, and the volume is reduced by more than 1 / 3, it is convenient to directly replace the original motor according to the customized needs of customers (multiple installation methods, external equipment interface design).

More energy-saving than rare earth permanent magnet motor

5. low temperature rise

Because of the small rotor loss and large temperature rise margin of SRM at rated power. In the range of 10% - 100% rated speed, it can maintain constant torque operation and allow 1.2 times overload operation. It is also applicable in self cooling structure.

6. High reliability and easy maintenance

The rotor has no demagnetization risk, small loss and low bearing temperature, which ensures the long-term stability of the bearing replacement system and increases the service life of the insulation system. At the same time, the rotor is light in weight, convenient in disassembly and assembly, and safer in maintenance. After removal, no special protective treatment is required, which can easily cope with the harsh environment and extreme working temperature.

In addition, in the application fields of pumps, fans and other applications requiring partial rated load operation, the synchronous reluctance motor is extremely in line with the user's demand for energy conservation and emission reduction.

At present, KaiBang has applied for more than 20 patents on the body and control technology of synchronous reluctance motor, and has realized a large number of productization, with technical indicators exceeding the international competitive products.

More energy-saving than rare earth permanent magnet motor

Variable frequency fan

More energy-saving than rare earth permanent magnet motor

variable frequency water pump

More energy-saving than rare earth permanent magnet motor

air compressor

More energy-saving than rare earth permanent magnet motor

shield pump

Some experts have put forward: 'there is no problem of rare earth safety in China. Should we adopt the' de rare earth technology 'route by applying synchronous reluctance motor in line with the international consensus? Or make full use of the advantages of rare earth to improve the cost performance of products? '

Gree gives the answer - 'make the sky bluer and the earth greener'. KaiBang has been striving for excellence in synchronous reluctance motor technology, because energy saving and emission reduction is not only a national problem, but also a matter of every life on the earth. This is the responsibility of a large country, but also the responsibility of an enterprise.

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