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About the meeting on November 21, 2019

Date: 2019-11-22
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On November 21, 2019, Dongguan KangDeLe Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. held a meeting, which was mainly about the appointment of new general manager Peng: in order to meet the needs of strategic development and management change, general manager Peng was specially appointed as the new general manager, concurrently as the project management director and operation director, responsible for the overall operation and all external business activities of the company.


The meeting also adjusted the rules and regulations of some departments, such as finance department, purchasing department and warehousing department. Make the company's rules and regulations more and more perfect.


We believe that through the appointment of the board of directors to Mr. Peng and the increasingly perfect management system of the company, Dongguan KangDeLe Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. will definitely go to a higher level as a whole.and Towards a more successful future!

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